Special Offers

Financing Options?

Yes! JJ Air Conditioning Corp offers financing with Approved Credit within different programs such as Ygrene and FTL Finance.

Check out if you're eligible to do any repairs or replacements on your home with our very popular program called "Ygrene". Click on the button below to check if you're eligible before giving us a call or give us a call and we will be more than glad to do it for you!


What does "PMA" stand for you ask? It's simple.. Preventive Maintenance Agreement. For just a one charge of $189.95 we schedule with you two service check ups within the year, a great way in keeping your A/C right to last you up to 15 years! We do Residential and Commercial!

Do not hesitate, either book with us online or give us a call right away to make your very first PMA Appointment. You won't regret it..

Duct Cleaning Services?

Of course we do!

Starting at $250 for minimum 7 vents, then $25 every additional vent, we will provide the best Duct Cleaning services with one of the best machines in the market! The Rotobrush BrushBeast which includes an HD camera to be able to show you the inside scoop on exactly what it is you're possible breathing in on the daily. For the evaporator coil it is an additional charge of $150.

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